Threen-speak: Minding that language!

Two-and-a-half months ago, I had written a blog about Little Man’s adorable (and slightly weird) developing language skills (you can read about it here). And I’d promised to be back with more, as Little Man continued to learn big words and bigger sentences. I have to admit: I am more surprised than I thought I would be, for how much difference two months can make in a toddler/pre-schooler’s development. Conversations with Little Man are now entertaining, engaging and full of surprises.

Presenting some of the gems that come out of his mouth:

‘That was close’ is Little Man’s current favourite phrase. When he almost bangs his scooter into something, or almost falls off his bike, or almost drops his bowl of cereal. Sounds waaay cuter coming out of his mouth than when reading it on your screen, I assure you!

Then there’s the acute observation.

The other day we were at the supermarket and had bought him a chocolate. As he kept asking for it, I told him that Daddy is paying for it first. Watching my husband do the self-checkout, Little Man asks me: But where is the payman? He meant the cashier:)


And honesty…

Little Man: Did you come running-running to pick me up from pre-school?
Me: Yes, because I was missing you. Did you miss me?
Little Man: Yes.
After a few seconds…
But mummy, sometimes I don’t miss you!

And innocence…

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Little Man: Nobody. I still want to be me!
(Can’t help but chuckle here!)

Little Man: Mummy, I want to see Superman. Not on aaamaazon, on youtu (youtube)
Me: You like Superman?
Little Man: Yes
Me: So are you Superman or Spiderman or Batman or Ironman?
Little Man: Mummy, I’m not a Super eero, I’m me!


It’s adorable to hear him talk about his ‘Fanis’ (Spanish) class; tell us it’s ‘impossible’ when he doesn’t want to do what he’s being told to; and quip ‘Oopsi-a-daisy’ when he messes up. And the other day he told me not to ‘panic’ when he slipped and fell. ‘Don’t panic Mummy, I’m alright’.

He has now started imitating the GPS too. ‘1.5 miles… Daddy keep to the left, the aunty said’.

Little Man talks big when he says ‘thanks’ instead of ‘thank-you’ or sometimes calls us ‘guys’.
‘Guys, wake up, its morning!’
Err, you’re a Threenager not a Teenager little fellow!


Of course, there’s still the defiance. Like when we tell him to stop tantruming/shouting, he responds with: That’s nonsense mummy and daddy.

But there are also compliments and loads of lovable moments. Like when he randomly pinches my cheeks and tells me: Mummy, you’re so coot (cute). Obviously imitating me doing that to him!




Little Man: Mum, when you wear a dress you look pretty
Me (in my pyjamas, hair dishevelled): But do I look pretty like that also?
Me: Of course mummy


Love the way he shouts ‘abacadaba’ (abracadabra) when performing his magic tricks. And proudly says ‘tadaa’ when he shows me his self-built, very tall and very impressive Lego tower. Pats me and tells me ‘seet deems’ before bedtime. And this is a classic: Mummy, put on the electricity!!!


I’m loving the chatter – it really is the most adorable part of this phase of growing up.

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  1. Lisa Pomerantz

    What a great post! You will all be glad you have this one! 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Thank you! Yes, these kind of posts double up as keepsakes/ diaries. Will be fun to make Little Man read them when he’s older:)
      Thanks for reading!

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