How do lifestyle choices affect my child’s education?

A wholesome, balanced diet,wholesome, balanced diet, frequent exercise and the right amount of sleep are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Without them, we put ourselves at risk of physical and mental health issues, as well as a general sense of sluggishness and inability to concentrate. While this is true for adults, children can suffer as well. In fact, many studies have uncovered a direct correlation between these sorts of lifestyle choices and their academic performance. Read on for some additional information from an independent school in London on how your child’s lifestyle can affect their learning. 



As our children grow up, they become more independent in their choices, like what time they go to sleep or what snack they reach for when they’re hungry. Unfortunately, those who tend to opt for sugary food and drink will usually experience a sort of “crash”, during which time they will feel lethargic and unable to focus. This will make lesson time difficult for them and their learning will be impacted. The same applies to those who do not get enough sleep. While it can be tough to stay abreast of all of their lifestyle choices, it’s important to keep an eye on them where possible to ensure they are making sensible decisions. Encourage them to take a bottle of water to school so that they can stay hydrated, as this will ensure they remain alert.

You should also try and encourage your child to put down their digital devices from time to time and get outside for some fresh air and exercise. Of course, being tech savvy is important, but it shouldn’t take over their lives. Perhaps consider putting restrictions in place. Not only does exercise help young children to develop fine motor skills, it also improves their physical health and releases endorphins that reduce stress and boost one’s sense of positivity. If you’re struggling to encourage your child to exercise on their own, perhaps suggest an extra-curricular activity such as football or drama, to ensure they’re moving about. You could also take them ice skating or rock climbing on the weekend, as this will be a fun way for them to improve their fitness. 

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