Enchanting tips to make your child’s bedroom magical…

As a little boy or girl, there’s nothing more exciting than the thought of magical lands and enchanting places, with ogres and princesses and their talking pets. From television programmes and films, to books and games, there is magic all around, and sprinkling some of that magic into your little one’s bedroom will help to make sure they have a bedroom they love! Looking for ways to bring your child’s bedroom to life? Here is a selection of enchanting tips to help you on your way…




Wand-erful Wallpaper

When your child is growing up they often go through phases. One day their favourite character is Snow White and the next it’s Shrek, and this can be difficult when decorating their bedrooms. The aim for succeeding with bedroom décor is to choose a theme, but not necessarily one character. By finding some high-quality wallpaper with a princess theme or a magical forest theme, your little one can get carried away in the design and create their own characters, rather than sticking to décor that relates to one character that they could lose interest in after a few weeks. By having some exciting wallpaper to bring life to the bedroom, your little one can get lost in their own imagination and their bedroom will become a really fun place for them to spend time.


A Place to Escape

Having dens and playing hide-and-seek are always really popular with little ones, especially when playing with their friends. The idea of having a space that you can go to where nobody can find you, in your own little den, is always really thrilling and can create hours of entertainment. Introducing a small space within your child’s bedroom, like a tepee tent or a hidden space under the bunk bed, will give your child their very own den space to play in. Whether they use this space to read their favourite books, watch some of their favourite programmes or even just hide from the rest of the world for a little while, it can really help to enhance their imagination and encourage them to enjoy their own company.

All that Glitters and Glows

The first thing most people think of when you say ‘magic’ is sparks of glitter, bright lights and stars, so it’s a really good idea to incorporate this into the magical bedroom décor. One of the most popular options for a child’s bedroom is a star projector, or a selection of glow-in-the-dark stars that will create a soft glow in your child’s bedroom. Once the bedroom lights are switched off, you can switch on the projector and see a whole ceiling full of enchanting stars. Similarly, your little one may want beautiful bursts of glitter all over the bedroom, from the door right through to the walls, as this helps to capture that magical princess feel and give the room a really girly touch.


Make a Statement

With bedroom décor, it’s really easy and beneficial to create a bold statement. You often find that the bed space is the easiest area to create a statement, whether that’s with a bright headboard and exciting bedding, or simply decorating the wall space behind the headboard to bring that area to life. For magical décor success, try to find a suitable headboard to reflect the theme of the room. From princess crowns to pirate ships, you can find some amazing headboards that are perfect for a magical-themed room. Not only is this a great way to make an oak bed stand out, but it will give your little one added space to enjoy using, which is always a bonus when it comes to bedtime!

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