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PS: This is not a sponsored post; it is an honest review of an honest review of my site…

if you're a blogger who has made/ is aiming to make blogging your full-time or part-time job, you would know all about DA (Domain Authority), and more crucially, how important it is for your blog/ website. You would also be aware of the recent changes to the Moz ranking system, and like most of us, would probably have seen a dip in your site's DA ranking. Yes, it happened to me too and my immediate blog agenda is to get my DA ranking back up to what it was – or even more. And let's face it, it's hard work and takes a lot of time and effort.

Which is why when  offered to do an overall audit of my blog, I was thrilled. I knew the basics of what needs to be done to increase my ranking for good ol' Google – things like fixing broken links and concentrating on SEO – but what I needed was in-depth knowledge and advice on the subject. To know the strengths and weaknesses of my blog, so I can continue doing what is right and focus on what is not-so-right.

The report – detailed

In less than a week, I got a detailed report on different aspects of my blog, plus some tips on improving SEO! Was the report helpful? Immensely! It was broken down covering different sections of my blog, for instance web design (colour scheme, fonts, sharing options), SEO (use of internal links, meta descriptions, keyword consistency) and other miscellaneous things like XML sitemaps, Robots.txt and security.

I also got feedback on things like how much time it took for my site to load (page speed info), and how my site displayed on a mobile screen (usability). Both critical aspects to a website's success.

The report – summarized

What I especially liked (perfect for tech dummies like myself) was that after the detailed report, everything was summed up in terms of its importance to my site, based on low, medium and high priority, so I know what to focus on first. Working on improving one's blog is a long, detailed process, but with the expert guidance I've now got, I'm not so lost as I was before!



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