We Need to Talk About the Conditions of My Imprisonment: Book Review

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I read practically every pregnancy and new motherhood book under the sun. I signed up to websites that claimed to know what was happening inside my womb, and how my little man was developing. I read, made notes (mentally and literally), researched stuff like buggies and cot mattresses as though I was a nuclear scientist and thought I was prepared enough to handle this motherhood thing.


Within weeks of Little Man being born, and with those sleepless nights, a bumpy start to breastfeeding and exhaustion that was so intense, I soon realised that I wasn’t half as prepared as I believed I was. That parenting is a constant learning curve, and there is no ‘one size fits all’. I also realised that if I don’t see the humour in some situations, then I’d probably kill myself (hypothetically, of course) before my son turned 18 5 or ‘Wheels on the Bus’ did me in!

Four and a something years down the line, I got the chance to read another book on parenting – only this one made me chuckle and laugh and nod along as I could relate to all the stories in there. It wasn’t pedantic, there were no instructions. Just real-life what-you-see-is-what-you-get instances of parenting. Told in the most humorous manner.



We Need to Talk About the Conditions of My Imprisonment… and other funny parenting stories is an easy, fast and absolutely delightful read for parents, re-assuring them that this whole parenting roller-coaster is absurd, yet amazing.

‘The book has endless advice you don’t need. If you don’t laugh, you might cry because parenting can be absurd sometimes.’

There are tales on sleep deprivation, picky eating politics, sex (or the lack of it) post-kids, the addiction that is Peppa Pig and philosophical questions only four year olds can think of (‘Where do babies come from?’) – after all, toddlers and young children can bring us both, immense joy and tears of despair all in a span of ten minutes!

What I love about the book is the fact that it portrays motherhood as it really is rather than painting a rose-tinted picture of the ‘ideal’ mother. Real-life moms have greasy hair, messy houses and children who refuse to put their shoes on even after being told 5,872 times. Real-life moms don’t shave their legs (unless it’s summer), drink wine even when breastfeeding and allow their child questionable amounts of screen-time.

And within all the humour is advice that is really needed, and genuinely useful. Not the Gina Ford-routine-type of advice, but stuff like it’s ok to let your baby suck on a dummy/ bottle-feed so your boobs get a bit of a break!

Compiled by Michelle Tan, the book features 21 writers from the UK, USA and Australia, known for their wit and tongue-in-cheek approach to parenting. Most of them are amongst my favourite bloggers, and I’ve been following their blogs since years, so I knew from the start this one would be a winner! As Michelle herself puts it:

“This book is an antidote to all the seriousness in parenting.”

It celebrates imperfect parenting (which in my humble opinion, is how all parenting is because we’re all just learning as we go along) and that’s why I love it and 100 per cent recommend a read!

The e-book will be released on April 21st; you can pre-order it from Amazon here.

Disclosure: All views are entirely those of a mother who is exhausted, sleep-deprived and knows all the dialogues of Peppa Pig.  





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  1. Rutendo

    Sounds hilarious, I’ll look out for it.
    Have you read Erma Bombeck’s books? They’re great as well.

    1. Nicole

      No, but now I’m curious, will look into them, thanks!
      Yes, this book is fab – definitely worth a read:)
      Thanks for popping over…

  2. Liberty Henwick

    The cover says it all really doesn’t it! I like that quote from Michelle to about the book being an antidote for the seriousness of parenting. A much healthier option than wine imho. #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, true, much healthier than wine and laughter is good for your soul too, right?:)

  3. Susie / S.H.I.T.

    Thanks so much for this fab review Nicole – really appreciate it and so glad you enjoyed the book. xx

    1. Nicole

      Most welcome Susie; I enjoyed every page from start to finish:)

  4. Jo - Cup of Toast

    That sounds like a great book!

    1. Nicole

      It is brilliant Jo, will have you in splits from the very first page!

  5. Alan herbert

    So glad you enjoyed the book. What a wonderful review.


    1. Nicole

      Thank you Alan:)

  6. Lucy At Home

    I went to the book launch for this and LOVED the book – so funny! And I didn’t realise I knew so many of the bloggers in it too which makes it extra special! #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      Oh lovely! Yes, it has some of the best/ most humorous parenting bloggers featured in it – bonus!!!

  7. Lisa Pomerantz

    Oh my, I have to get a copy of this, maybe for the Mrs. for Mom’s day! Every review is so good! I am looking to add more laughter… ordering shortly! TY! #blogcrush xoxo

    1. Nicole

      Yes, it will definitely add more laughter Lisa… must get it:) Enjoy

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