A day in the life of a toddler and his mum…

7 am: Sits up in bed. Upright… from flat horizontal. Checks to see if mummy and daddy are awake. (Mummy and daddy pretend to be in deep sleep). Toddler pats them. No movement. ‘Good Morning everybody!’ he announces. Mummy groans and peeps through semi-open eyes. ‘It’s wake up time’ he proclaims (as if we didn’t realise that by now!!!) and proceeds to physically open our eyes. Now it’s officially morning! ‘Come outside and play with meeeee’…

7.15 am. Mummy desperately needs a caffeine dose to wake her up (she, after all, didn’t get 11 full hours of sleep; she was awake with her phone/laptop till well past midnight). But the cute pleas of ‘play with meeeee’ mixed with the fear of an early morning tantrum direct her towards the living room instead of the kitchen. She takes the blue car (as per her toddler’s demands) and vrooms around the room…


This magnet on my fridge is a reminder of how hard I work;)

8 am. Breakfast. Sometimes together with toddler but more often its toddler-first-mummy-second (only so mummy can sit – uninterrupted – and enjoy a hot cup of tea). Some mornings toddler insists on eating by himself; but half way through his brekkie bowl comes the ‘Mummy feed’ command.

8.30am-9 am. The usual routine – stuff you want out of the way. Toddler’s poop and nappy change, the long process of brushing his teeth (there’s always one of the three involved: running out of the bathroom or spitting out the toothpaste or not opening his mouth), and basically getting set for the day. The first tantrum of the day usually takes place around now.


9am-noon: Bursts of energy involving toddler running around the house, scooting around it too, and playing the repetitive game of hide-and-seek. Then playing with his zillion cars. Then asking to see some TV. Mum readily gives in… the breakfast dishes are still in the sink and oh heck, have I even brushed my teeth yet? Thomas takes over, toddler is still, the dishes are done and mum gets to breathe. If the sun is shining, mum then packs toddler out of the house, hoping he will expend some of his energy on the slides. Or at a playdate. On good days, one more tantrum, on not-so-good ones, at least two.


Noon-Afternoon. Lunch (sometimes a painless affair, sometimes quite trying. But always with the TV on – it helps hasten the process). Then the time of day mum really looks forward to: naptime! Not for her, for toddler. She, as tired as she is, will not waste even a precious minute of the next two hours sleeping. There’s the laundry to do, and dinner to cook, 87 whatsapp/facebook/twitter messages to read and of course she has to blog too. Maybe even catch a re-run of Friends.


4pm-6pm: Get out of ‘me-time’ mode and back to being mum. Play some more, look at the clock and wonder how it’s only 4.20 pm, call the husband at work and discreetly try and find out what time he’ll be home (not ‘coz you miss him so much, just ‘coz you want to parcel off your little package onto him for a bit), try and multi-task looking at your phone while simultaneously doing a puzzle with toddler, start tidying up the mess in the house which toddler made at 9.30 am!


6pm-8pm – Into the evening routine. Bathtime, dinner (toddler’s getting sleepy now so things aren’t always smooth sailing), some playtime with daddy which usually involves a lot of running around and tickling and laughing and then some telly time (equally desired by parents and toddler). The last tantrum of the day when the TV is shut off and toddler realises it’s time to call it a day.


9pm-7am. Toddler sleeps, with a few wakings sometimes. Mum has a peaceful dinner, then reclines on the sofa with tea (sometimes chocolate and cake as well), a fleece blanket, laptop and a blissful feeling of peace and quiet.


(Pssst: When toddler’s at nursery, mum’s day is verrrrry different and much more relaxing… but being the emotional hormonal mother that she is, she can’t wait for the next non-nursery day to repeat all of the above with her bundle of cuteness).

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  1. Julie S.

    Love the important activities comic. #truth! hahaha

  2. mummuddlingthrough

    I miss nursery days! Bet one day I’ll
    Regret thinking that though 😉
    Thanks for linking up
    To #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Haha… so true. When they’re away we want them with us, and when they’re with us, we just want 5 mins of peace;)

  3. theparentingjungle

    Toddlerdom I found the most exhausting! I now have a 5 year old and it is a little less relentless..though he did wake me up this morning by putting his finger up my nose..#fridayfrolics

    1. Nicole

      Yeah im surviving the terrible twos and have still to face the threenager. And potty training and weaning off the dummy and and….

      Finger up your nose… not the best alarm clock lol

      1. theparentingjungle

        Once you have survived two’s you can survive anything, fire, famine, playdates. Don’t panic with the potty training I tried to rush it too quick it drags out then…same with dummy all of a sudden my son just stopped..after a year of me trying to sneak them away, cutting the ends off, trying to replace with multiple teddies..xx

        1. Nicole

          Thanks for the comforting words and the advice… yeah im trying not to stress bout it too much! Cheers

  4. Life Love and Dirty Dishes

    I attempted to dust my bedroom the other day with my toddler underfoot. By the time I had finished all of my nail varnishes were on the floor, my underwear drawer had been emptied and half the toys from his room were now in mine. It’s impossible to clean with a toddler around! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Ouch! Bet you’d much rather have lived with that bit of dust!;)

  5. Rhyming with Wine

    You have just pretty much described our life! The waking up bit doesn’t get any easier does it? My 20 month old still “screams” us awake at around 5.30 every morning. Every. Single. Morning. You would think that I’d be used to it by now, but nope. Every morning I wake up thinking that the house is on fire or that he is being eaten by a dinosaur. He screams before he’s even opened his eyes?? Such fun!
    Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter hun x

    1. Nicole

      Eaten by a dinosaur lol… our imagination often runs as wild as our toddlers’!!! Thanks for reading

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