Soji Towel: Self-Cleaning Towels for a more sanitary bathroom

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Over the past year, keeping a clean home has become more important than ever. Not only are we spending WAY more time in the house, but COVID-19 anxieties are always lurking.

One of the sneakiest places harmful bacteria and COVID-19 can lurk is in the bathroom. COVID-19 can spread via faecal matter, so just one flush from an infected person can cause a plume of the virus to cover your towels, sink, door handle and more. It might be gross, but it’s important to know!

To combat potential germ spreading, the team at Soji Towels decided to do a full assessment of some of the dirtiest spots at home. One surprising discovery was just how dirty our towels can get. In fact, The Daily Mail reported a study claiming towels are the DIRTIEST things in the entire home. Just a few days after a wash, they are covered in hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat! And COVID-19 can survive on towels for up to 7 days!

It was time to make a change, so we switched to antimicrobial towels by Soji Towel. Soji are 99.99% resistant to bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, allergens and all other microbial life. They remain totally sterile forever, so you never have to worry about what sort of creepy crawlies are getting on your skin after a shower.

Plus, Soji are made of super soft bamboo fibres. They’re ideal for young children, babies and adults with sensitive skin, and they add a little luxury (and a lot of peace of mind) to your bathroom.

This post sheds light on why antimicrobial towels are an easy little upgrade that can make your bathroom a lot safer. If you want to get a set of Soji Towels for your home, don’t forget to use this link to get up to 50% off your order.

Soji Towels self-clean for life

We were horrified to find out about all the germs lurking on our towels. But doing the washing every day just wasn’t an option. With Soji, we don’t have to worry about germs anymore.

Soji Towels are woven with pure antimicrobial silver, a 100% natural antimicrobial element. Antimicrobial metals have been used for centuries to kill germs, and they’re even used by the NHS today to keep surfaces sterile. 

Thanks to Soji’s silver fibres, germs are eliminated on contact, keeping your family far from acne-causing bacteria, allergens, fungus and illness. 
Because silver is infused into every fibre, Soji’s antimicrobial power will never fade or wash out. Soji Towels self-clean and stay 99.99% sterile for life.

No more towel odours

Tired of those musty towel odours coming from your bathroom? That isn’t the smell of a damp towel. What you’re actually smelling are bacteria colonies and mould spores growing on your towel. Eww. 

Soji are totally resistant to bacteria, mould and other odour-causing germs, so they will never smell musty or old no matter how damp or dirty they get. 

Go ahead and leave them in a dark bathroom on a winter’s day. Or, pack them in a bag after using them at the beach. They’ll always smell as fresh as new!

Super soft and kid-friendly 

Soji are made with ultra-soft bamboo, a type of fibre much finer than cotton. Bamboo feels silky smooth against your skin, and it’s highly recommended for kids and babies for their sensitive skin.

Soji’s thread count is 2x that of normal towels—the same as towels you’ll find in a 5-star hotel or spa. Not only that, but they’re oversized for extra snuggly comfort. With Soji, you can wrap up like a burrito and enjoy the feeling of a heavy, blanket-like cuddle after a shower. 

Kids love Soji because they’re so soft and plush. They feel just like a puppy’s coat or a plushie. Kids often drag them out of the bathroom to use them as blankets or cuddle toys. That’s fine by us! Soji can’t pick up germs, no matter where they get dragged. Plus, we’re happy to see them cuddle with Soji because we know they’re wrapped up in antibacterial protection. 

The worst that can happen is a juice spill or a little dog slobber. Luckily, Soji are machine washable.

Hyper-absorbent and quick-drying

Another benefit of bamboo over cotton is that it’s much more absorbent. Bamboo can soak up 3x more water than its weight, so when you use Soji, it feels like water lifts right off of you. There’s no need to rub and scrub. 

This makes it a lot easier to get kids dried off after a bath. Just a minute with Soji and they’re good to go. 

Soji also dry a lot faster than normal towels, so you won’t have to dry yourself with a damp towel ever again. Soji’s open-air weave is based on a Japanese stitching technique that loops the fibres to promote airflow. This helps Soji to dry about 5x faster than other towels.

This is perfect if you have a windowless bathroom or live in a place that doesn’t get much sun (AKA, the entire UK). It also makes it easy to travel with Soji. You can pack them up to go to the beach, the pool or picnics. If they get wet, they’ll dry off quickly so you won’t have to put a wet towel in your bag.

Save time and money

Apart from being comfortable and clean, Soji are also a lot more convenient than normal towels. 

Normal towels should be washed every few days to prevent odours and harmful bacteria from spreading. You only need to wash Soji once every few weeks. Even then, it’s just to remove oils and dead skin that can get caught in the fibres. Soji will always stay germ-free.

Less washing means more time and money for you. If you normally wash your towels twice a week, Soji could save you as many as 100 loads of washing per year. That’s at least 100 hours of time and about £90 in utility savings annually. 

Enjoy a cleaner bathroom with Soji Towel (for 50% off)

Getting a new set of towels might not seem very exciting. But when you know you’ve replaced the dirtiest things in your home with a 99.99% sterile alternative, it feels quite satisfying! Not to mention, Soji are so soft and huggable! I actually look forward to getting out of a hot shower in the morning. 

For your health, I highly recommend switching to some form of antimicrobial towels. It’s just not worth the risk of spreading germs like e.Coli and COVID-19. Not to mention the breakouts and allergies. 

If you want to try Soji Towels, you can use this link to take 50% off a set of antimicrobial towels. Soji are much softer than other antibacterial towels, and now they’re more affordable too. Get your Soji Towels before the sale ends at

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