My love-hate relationship with the idiot-box

First things first, let me get something clear – when I say 'my' love-hate relationship with the idiot-box, I also mean Little Man's relationship with the concerned item. He's too little to blog about it himself; and well, I'm talking about how his relationship … Continued

Toddler. Aeroplane. Long Flight: How to survive the skies while keeping your dignity intact

I've just returned from a holiday (if a mum can ever really be on one, that is) that entailed a longish journey by air. While seeing Little Man settle into his seat (he's over two now so yes, he got his … Continued

The best baby and toddler developmental toys

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Babies/toddlers and toys go hand-in-hand. It's a fundamental fact every parent-to-be and parent-who-is comes to terms with. And accepts and embraces. After all, babies learn through play (now how fun is that!) and we all want our li'l munchkins to learn and discover, … Continued

Have you been POP-ed by your toddler?

Remember the time at your cousin’s wedding when you proudly proclaimed that your toddler now knows the entire alphabet, only to hear him say ABCDHJLMNTX? Or the time when you told your guests he can sing the entire Twinkle Twinkle … Continued

The New Mum’s Handy Inventions Wish list

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Since becoming a mum, I’ve seen a range of baby products / accessories/ contraptions. Some extremely smart, most practical and a few outright weird! Even absolutely unnecessary (kudos to the advertising and marketing gurus of the booming baby industry). But during those endless hours … Continued