#PutDownThatPhone – A lesson for every new-age mum (Review + Giveaway)

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How often have you checked Facebook on your smartphone while playing with your child? Or looked up from reading to your toddler to check your phone because it beeped? Perhaps let your child watch some more television just because you … Continued

Inventions I'm thankful for as a Modern-day Mummy

Motherhood is so complex, so challenging, and if we're going to be honest, not exactly easy. There's another human to care for – 24/7 – with minimal sleep and maximum coffee. In time, there are tantrums to deal with and … Continued

Blogger Recognition Award – Thank you!!!

It's always a lovely feeling when your hard work is recognised, appreciated and cherry-on-the-cake – awarded! So I was thrilled when the sweet Lucy from the lovely blog Lucy at Home nominated me (and my blog) for the popular Blogger Recognition Award. … Continued