7 things it's pointless doing after having a baby

You know motherhood will change you. Your feelings. Your priorities. Your work-life balance. Being a mom will make you fatter, sleepier, more responsible and perhaps more patient. You will do things you never thought you would do. Like stand and stare at … Continued

5 Books that help Toddlers with Life Skills

It's World Book day today, and in honour of my favourite source of knowledge (ok, before google came around), I decided to pen a post on books. I'm glad my 3.5-year-old is interested in books and reading (rather, being read to) … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun

When Little Man was little(r), life was all about song and dance and games and laughter. The focus was on developing his sensory and physical abilities, then his speech, emotions, independence. Now that he's almost three-and-a-half, and has mastered the above essentials, … Continued