Birthday Party Virgin. Who me?!

So, this was the first year I hosted a proper (big-gish) birthday bash for Little Man. And I now get what all the buzz /stress /planning for a kids' birthday party is all about. No, this wasn't Little Man's first … Continued

Six things every first-time mum-to-be must do…

All you pregnant-for-the-first-time mums-to-be, here's some heart-to-heart advice from one rookie mum to a rookie-mum-to-be. Don't take these for granted, EVER, because once you're a mum, you will long for… 1. Sleep This is THE number one thing a new mum … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part III (Useful Tips)

Welcome back to my Adventures in Potty Training. Part III is a collection of things I learned/ am learning along the way. Useful tips and tricks to get the job done, that I've either invented or stolen borrowed from other … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part II

As I mentioned, our potty training journey hasn't been one of those quick, trained-in-less-than-a-week kind of stories. It's ongoing. And long. And while it is tedious and quite boring, there are moments that make it quite light too. That make … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part I

I posted Potty Train + Mummy Brain = Disaster last week, and received a lot of different responses – ranging from laughter to sympathy to empathy. So I decided I should start a mini-series on Potty Training (the BIG change … Continued

The Seven Deadly Stages of a Tantrum

If you are a parent of a toddler, you know the inside-out of a full-blown tantrum. The kind that happens in the shopping mall, at the supermarket till, outside the nursery, at the community centre… anywhere, anytime really! You know … Continued

Those Mommy Aaaarghhh Moments!

C'mon, admit it. As a mum, you've definitely pulled your hair out, gritted your teeth, thought your life pretty much sucks sometimes and gone 'AAAAARGHHHHHH' a zillion times! And at least seven times a day. That's motherhood for you – … Continued