When Two becomes Three…

When you're expecting, everyone and their best friend will tell you that your life will change. Forever. Of course for the better with that cute little chub, but there will also be a LOT that you will have to give … Continued

Birthday Party Virgin. Who me?!

So, this was the first year I hosted a proper (big-gish) birthday bash for Little Man. And I now get what all the buzz /stress /planning for a kids' birthday party is all about. No, this wasn't Little Man's first … Continued

Six things every first-time mum-to-be must do…

All you pregnant-for-the-first-time mums-to-be, here's some heart-to-heart advice from one rookie mum to a rookie-mum-to-be. Don't take these for granted, EVER, because once you're a mum, you will long for… 1. Sleep This is THE number one thing a new mum … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part III (Useful Tips)

Welcome back to my Adventures in Potty Training. Part III is a collection of things I learned/ am learning along the way. Useful tips and tricks to get the job done, that I've either invented or stolen borrowed from other … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part II

As I mentioned, our potty training journey hasn't been one of those quick, trained-in-less-than-a-week kind of stories. It's ongoing. And long. And while it is tedious and quite boring, there are moments that make it quite light too. That make … Continued

Adventures in Potty Training – Part I

I posted Potty Train + Mummy Brain = Disaster last week, and received a lot of different responses – ranging from laughter to sympathy to empathy. So I decided I should start a mini-series on Potty Training (the BIG change … Continued