Handy Tip (for those MASSIVE poos n’ pukes)

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If your baby ever has a poonami/shitstorm (in non-mummy lingo, it’s just a horribly leaked diaper, the kind where the contents have spread all over baby’s legs and back) or a projectile vomit, remember this ONE HANDY TIP. While removing … Continued

Mumspeak: A glossary of mum-only words

Every sect/cult/group has its own lingo. Even babies and toddlers (yeah, really, read about that here). So why should mums – that large group of women who can be identified by dark circles, spit-up stained clothes, greasy hair and a … Continued

Shopping with a toddler? Now possible!

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Shopping and toddlers don’t go hand-in-hand. You want to window-shop; your toddler wants to run all around the shop. You can’t decide between the lime green bag and the teal blue one; your toddler has already put both in his … Continued

10 things only a toddler can do – Part 2

I posted 10 Things Only a Toddler Can Do! a while ago, and the post was received with much laughter, chuckles and agreement. Which led me to writing a second instalment on the weird, amusing and sometimes extraordinary things that … Continued

Your Home: Pre-Baby v/s Post-Baby

A lot changes once you have a baby – your body, your priorities, your lifestyle, even your home. What was once a reflection of your likes now becomes a junk yard of baby's likes – i.e. toys, toys and more … Continued

A day in the life of a toddler and his mum…

7 am: Sits up in bed. Upright… from flat horizontal. Checks to see if mummy and daddy are awake. (Mummy and daddy pretend to be in deep sleep). Toddler pats them. No movement. ‘Good Morning everybody!’ he announces. Mummy groans … Continued

The most important lesson I learnt as a mum…

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.’ – Osho Indeed, motherhood teaches us a lot. From the basics like … Continued