Handy Tip (for those MASSIVE poos n’ pukes)

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If your baby ever has a poonami/shitstorm (in non-mummy lingo, it’s just a horribly leaked diaper, the kind where the contents have spread all over baby’s legs and back) or a projectile vomit, remember this ONE HANDY TIP.

While removing baby’s vest or onesie after the situation, you will land up smearing the poo or puke all over baby’s face and hair. After all, you do have to remove that ghastly onesie! But what if I told you you can do it WITHOUT making baby uncomfortable or possibly making him taste his own poo?


This isn’t a commonly-known fact but the seemingly-silly envelope folds on the shoulders of baby vests are there for exactly this purpose. So you can pull the vest DOWN off your baby instead of OVER his head, thus preventing the poo/puke from smearing baby’s face and hair.

Here’s a video to demonstrate how it’s done, courtesy Mummy Blogger from the popular blog Tiaras and Prozac .


You’re welcome, mums!

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  1. Haha, oh man. I wish I’d known this a few years ago when I was in the midst of MANY of these disasters, haha.

  2. I’ve always wondered why they were like that! Haha!! You bet I’ll be using this! Thanks!

  3. This definitely needs to be shown during those parenting classes before birth! No-one told me this… Haha.

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