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Who is every new mum’s sole companion/ best friend during that lonely, sleepy 3 am feed? Who gives an exhausted/ frustrated/ scared mum guidance, support and a ‘you are not alone in this’ kind-of-feeling? Who makes a frazzled mum laugh out loud at the insanities of motherhood? Mummy-centric websites, that’s right, With the internet at the touch of our fingers (courtesy our very smart phones), its easier than ever to take solace in the big, booming online world. And a large statistic of mums resort to google,  mummy-centric websites and mum chats and forums to ask questions, answer other’s questions, share experiences and generally support the sisterhood of motherhood. Or just gain valuable information about your newborn or toddler.

I admit, a few websites REALLY helped me through those first few shattering, sleep-deprived weeks, while others helped me solve (or at least understand) problems I encountered with each phase of Little Man’s growing up. I’m listing my favourites (and what they are best for) here…

1. Babycentre
The most popular and most loved website for most mums. From the day you sign up, you get weekly (as your baby becomes a toddler, then monthly) updates on your baby’s development, what changes to expect this week, how to solve problems that could prop up during that week (phase) and other interesting tips, pointers and discussions.
I like: The fact that it becomes your guide and companion right from the start of pregnancy – accurately telling you what to expect each week – and continues through babyhood and toddlerhood. There’s always a babycentre email in my inbox!
(There are country-specific babycentre sites so you will always be tuned in!)

2. Wonder Weeks
This website (you can also download the app) traces the mental and physical developmental ‘leaps’ a baby goes through in the all-important first year of life. From ‘cloudy’ spells to ‘dark, rainy’ spells to ‘bright, sunny’ spells, the site/app helps you understand why your baby is behaving the way he is. Is he feeding more than usual? He could be in a developmental leap and is thus experiencing a growth spurt. Is he clingier? He could be in the Mental Leap 5 – The World of Relationships and is discovering new perceptions and dimensions to his little world.
I like: Wonder Weeks is a go-to guide for when your baby suddenly changes his behaviour/ is crankier than usual/ is not acting like he usually does. It not only tells you what to expect during a leap but also how you can support and help your baby through the leap.

3. The Baby Sleep Site
This is a lovely, friendly and helpful website for sleep-deprived mums who aren’t blessed with a ‘sleeping-through-the-night’ baby (me, me, me!!!). Started by Baby Sleep Consultant Nicole Johnson, a mother of two herself, it is based on real-life experiences backed by solid research.
The team of sleep consultants are experts in sleep training methods, scheduling routines and all things baby sleep related. Although I never signed up for a one-to-one consultation (Little Man wasn’t THAT bad a sleeper), I signed up for their newsletter and learned valuable tips about naps and sleep.
I like: The Baby Sleep Site never compromises your personal parenting style. It works around YOUR parenting beliefs, YOUR baby’s personality and YOUR family’s schedule.

4. Netmums and 5. Mumsnet
Both websites have everything about pregnancy, motherhood and everything in between covered. Hot topics, tips (from other mums as well as experts), a bloggers area and a chat forum… if you’re a mum, you will at some point click on these two websites!
I like: The chat threads are the best place (online) to get advice and tips from other mums.

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  1. Some great links to check out as I have a sleeping newborn in my arms! Thanks for the reviews.

  2. Reshma Omar

    Loved this article Nicole! It’s a great list and yes, indeed the sites mentioned here are super-helpful.

  3. Some great ideas, I found the Wonder Weeks quite interesting. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  4. amytreasure0

    I loved the Wonder Weeks it was my bible! Fab post thanks for linking up to #thelist

    • Wonder Weeks was my bible too… and it was accurate to the tee! Thank you for the comment.

  5. I used to go on babycentre sometimes. Never heard of 2 or 3, actually. I have to admit that I tend to just read hilarious threads (like penis beaker) on Mumsnet. I do realise that I could probably find out more useful things from mumsnet! #brilliantblogposts

    • Hahaha… but sometimes these hilarious threads are exactly what we need in the midst of a busy day. Wonder Weeks is amazing, though, esp if you’ve got a baby under 1. Thanks for reading.

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