5 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun

When Little Man was little(r), life was all about song and dance and games and laughter. The focus was on developing his sensory and physical abilities, then his speech, emotions, independence. Now that he’s almost three-and-a-half, and has mastered the above essentials, … Continued

New Year, New Beginnings…

Fellow bloggers, mamas and well-wishers, I’ve done it! I’ve finally taken the plunge and gone self-hosted. Yup, talesfrommamaville.wordpress.com is now talesfrommamaville.com! I started this blog in January this year, and going self-hosted was the next step. The BIG step. (Not … Continued

5 (toddler-related) reasons I love Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Lights, decorated christmas trees, christmas markets, mince pies and other treats, secret Santa gifts, a general air of festivity… I love it all. But after becoming a mum, I love Christmas all the more. Here are … Continued

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