5 Must-Haves in Every Mum’s Kitchen

Twenty-four hours aren’t enough when you have a baby who needs constant tending to or a toddler who needs to be entertained all the time. Add to that housework, never-ending piles of laundry (think spit-ups, potty-training accidents, jumping in muddy puddles), a sink full of dirty dishes and you’re pooped. But you still have to cook. Interesting looking meals at that, for your fussy toddler will not have pasta unless it is animal-shaped and has red sauce in it.

Have these 5 gadgets/things in your kitchen and you will save loads of time and energy. #lifehacks #kitchenhacks

If your life looks anything like this, read on…

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1. Hand Blender
I salute the person who invented the hand blender. Sleek, easy-to-use, multi-purpose and takes up minimal storage space. Every mother’s kitchen essential. From mashing baby food to whipping up milkshakes for your toddler to making that soup for dinner, this convenient gadget is a real investment for the kitchen. No more tugging the heavy blender/ mixer out of the cupboard and no extra washing up.

2. Slow cooker
Another godsend. Just toss in the ingredients, turn up the heat and go about doing whatever else it is that you need to do, knowing that your slow cooker is whipping up a delicious meal in the meantime. In simple words: unattended cooking.
Roasts, stews, soups and more, there’s plenty a slow cooker can do!

3. Microwave
It heats (think previously batch-cooked frozen meals). It re-heats (think your morning coffee). And voila, it even cooks! It makes rice, it boils potatoes and yes it cooks entire family meals.
Check out these quick, easy n’ healthy microwave meal ideas for toddlers. Get inspired…


4. Frozen Vegetables
I’ve written about the ease and benefit of frozen vegetables before, and I’ll say it again: make sure you have a packet in your freezer at all times. You can whip up breakfast (vegetable omelette), a snack (vegetable toastie) or dinner with that one magical packet. No remembering long shopping lists again.


5. Pastes and Powders
Which multi-tasking mum wants to waste time grating ginger and dicing garlic? Especially when you can just squeeze a dash of paste instead? Or sprinkle some powder?
Find chopping onions time-consuming? Add pre-fried onions instead and reduce your cooking time by half.
Agree, sometimes fresh does taste better but when time is of the essence, these kitchen hacks will serve you well.

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  1. All hail the slow cooker! Would love to hear your go to recipes!
    Thanks for sharing these killer hacks with #coolmumclub x

  2. Thanks for reading! Will share more #lifehacks 🙂

  3. Haha – totally agree. I have the bones of a similar post written and it includes a slow cooker and a hand-blender! Great minds! Sing it for the frozen veg! #coolmumclub

  4. Great kitchen tips! I still use frozen veggies in my kitchen! 😉 #GlobalBlogging

  5. Oh I am slowly beginning to LOVE my slow cooker! Especially in winter! Nothing like a good hearty soup! #globalblogging

  6. The slow cooker and microwave are my two favorite things in the kitchen, the are THE BEST. The only problem with the slow cooker is that I forget to turn it on (duh!) what is wrong with me?! Haha it is amazing though, especially because I am the worst cook in the world and this makes me look like Martha Stewart (hmm actually not sure I want to be her, maybe Jamie Oliver?). Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

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