10 things I learnt while moving house

Earlier this year, I penned a post Why buying a house is similar to raising a kid. Then, after months of searching for the perfect house (and going bonkers in the process), we found our ‘dream home’ (looks dreamy in the pictures and in our imagination; bet once the gazillion toys and other shit fills it up, it will just be ‘home’).

Then it was time for the actual move – packing up our stuff, choosing bathroom tiles and wall paint and furniture (arguing with hubster while at it), getting stressed thinking of all the unpacking that has to be done… the list goes on. It was during this crucial time that I learnt the following 10 truths about moving house…


10 Things I Learnt While Moving House


1. You have so much CRAP which you never even knew you had. You will only find it while packing, but you will not throw it away. You will pack it again only to unpack it and store it in your new house. (Though, to be fair, this time around I threw away a LOT of unwanted stuff and donated bags of old clothes and books to charity shops).

2. 100 metres of bubble wrap in the house is addictive! I could’ve finished stuff much quicker had I not been distracted with popping so much bubble wrap!


10 Things I Learnt While Moving House


3. Trying to pack with your toddler at home is next to futile. Because whatever goes in a box promptly comes out when you turn your back. It’s just a toddler thing to want to always empty boxes/ drawers/ bags. I reconciled to doing all the packing when Little Man was at school or asleep. At least that way stuff got DONE!
(PS: I found a pair of Hubster’s socks and some spoons in one box… I know I hadn’t put them in there!)

4. An extension to point 3 – don’t, in a playful moment, let your toddler sit in a box and pretend it’s an aeroplane/ ship/ spaceship. That will signal the end of all attempts to pack.
(However, as an aside, cardboard boxes do make awesome forts/houses/ships/spaceships)

5. Those huge-ass laundry bags you see in the picture – they really fit a hell of a lot of stuff! Very useful for packing things like duvets, blankets, pillows, clothes.

6. I now go crazier in Ikea and Poundland knowing there is more space to keep stuff junk.

7. Lists really help in getting things done in a more organised way. I love a good list.. always!

8. You can never have enough sellotape – just stock up on them beforehand.

9. Tell your toddler you’ll are moving into a bigger house so there’s more space for more toys – materialistic, I know, but it makes the whole process so much smoother!

10. And this, the most IMPORTANT lesson – ALWAYS tell your toddler that the toilets in bathroom showrooms are JUST FOR SHOW.
This actually happened to us when we went bathroom choosing/shopping for the new house. Hubster and I were selecting tiles/ toilets/ shower enclosures etc for our new bathroom and Little Man was content playing with his car alongside. Until I heard him ask me: “Mummy, why are there no tissues in this toilet?” I turned around to see him with his pants down, about to sit on the toilet!!! Yikes!


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